Hey! So Glad You're Here.

This is a space where I'll be sharing my perspectives on health and the human condition, which really just translates to any tidbits that would further our wellness. My primary focus is challenging the way we think about health care and the treatment of disease. I mentioned the phrase, "from pill to prevention" in my short bio. This really sums up the shift we need to be aiming for, fostering an environment where healthy habits are the norm and pills & surgeries are just an afterthought if necessary.  Within the layers of this health and wellness outlook, I'll be sure to include current events and personal reflections as well. I know these topics can feel niche, but I PROMISE there's something here for everyone. It would bring me great joy if these entries were to bring value to your life in some way! If you want to know a little more about me, here are five facts...

1) I recently graduated from the Bachelor of Sports & Fitness Leadership program at Camosun College and have been personal training at various facilities for the past 2.5 years. I'm a certified Kinesiologist through BCAK (British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists).

2) I'm pursuing a career in Physiotherapy and would love to specialize in musculoskeletal management (though I'm sure this will change at some point). 

3) My primary hobbies include reading health books and sappy novels, playing the piano, and staying active through anything that can move my body - road cycling has been a recent favourite. 

4) I just got engaged to the most beautiful, fantastic person on planet earth. Her name is Audrey and she's doing many wonderful things. Check out her blog here: 


5) I'm one of those people that find cilantro to taste like moldy laundry detergent. Cursed.